eidgiftswap 2018 is now open!

Things to remember: your short description should include something to help your swapmate out! Your hobbies, what you like doing in your free time or something that you really appreciate.

Here’s an example:

I’m an avid Harry Potter and Doctor Who fan. I happen to be 23 years old and living in NYC (the best place in the world)
I am passionate about helping others and keeping people around me happy! I love writing and always appreciate cute stationary :). Currently, I’m working on upping my home decor and cooking skills- because I love all things chocolate and gold.
I’m also obsessed with travel (though I def don’t get to do so often enough) and live at craft stores.

Also #icecreamisLIFE

*If you live outside of the US and are not able to ship internationally, we will do our absolute best to find you a match. Keep an eye out for an email update!

**Remember, you’re trying to make it easy on your swap mate! This part is especially important if you don’t have an instagram!

Email us if you have any question at!

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